It’s a car, it’s a plane… no, it’s an autogyro in the middle of Prague! (with Aveo lights)

Author: Jan Velinger

Nirvana Systems is a company based in Přerov, the Czech Republic, which for years has been building paramotors and kits and other gear for the sport of PPG – powered paragliding. The company was founded by successful pilot Pavel Březina and recently was involved in a major project which brought it national attention. For two years, the firm developed a new engine and other systems for an autogyro (or gyroplane) that became the first to receive official certification to drive on Czech roads.

Founder Pavel Březina flew the craft from Přerov to Prague and then drove smack into the city centre, a jaw-dropping moment. Before we get to that – and it’s worth it – a bit about the company.

I spoke to the company’s head of sales development, Petr Ondruch:

“The history of the company goes back to 1995 and it all started in Pavel’s garage at his home: a very simple start!”

Still, that’s a great way to start: a lot of great companies began in a garage!

“Yes, it was an enthusiastic start.”

What was the idea behind the firm, the philosophy?

“Well it basically was built on Pavel Březina’s wide experience in the racing field; Pavel was a pilot with a lot of international awards and he basically began producing gear for himself. He developed new gear also for fellow pilots in the environment of PPG, powered paragliding, and grouped together people around him to form a racing team of about 20 pilots from four continents.

“These pilots needed more and more products which were reliable and of course safety is a major cornerstone of our philosophy. Simply put, without perfect services you would not be able to proceed, services based on maintenance courses which we are running for our partners abroad. And of course our products have to meet all kinds of certifications, not only Czech but German and so on.”

The motto is “Your Way to Freedom”…

(laughs) “Yes, it certainly is!

…that means many of the people who work for you also have experience in the sport…

“Correct. People don’t only work for us, they live it.”


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