Television Shoot for USA Verizon Communications Company at Aveo Hangar Complex outside Prague

The last few days have seen our tarmac tied up with an American film crew shooting on location at Aveo’s uniquely American design hangars.  They even got an American Freightliner truck in for the action scenery, even though it is illegal on European roads due to its length!

Aveo hangars were selected for this American scenery filming on the theme of communications services for humanitarian relief and FEMA type activities.  Here are some shots along with my family taking in the activities with the production assistant.  I guess Roy Sieger, Joe Pozzouli and their erstwhile friend Mr. London from the Daytona News Journal (the three stooges in our book) know more about building hangars than Aveo, and I guess we do it so well that Verizon  communications company in the USA selected our hangar complex over all others in the world for this corporate activity.  At least we are smart enough not to build on swamp land.



img_2185 img_2180 img_2181

The Three Stooges in Flagler like to shoot their mouths off as if they are experts, yet you are looking at $2 million in hangars that are part of a $20 million airport complex of taxiways, roads, infrastructure and hangars, ALL WITH NO DEBT!   Yet they think the cost of one hangar at Flagler is the issue, maybe they should go back to school and find out what the meaning of Ready-To-Build site is before they offer it or talk about it.

Yes, I am calling you guys out, once again.  You actually have to defend yourself when you make false statements fellows.  So, tell me, how many hangars have you guys personally built and paid for?  Yup, thought so.

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