FAA Approval on the Solar Roof Panels for the Hangar Facility


A big thanks to Helga van Eckert and Sally Sherman and their teams to help us get past a long delay with the FAA over the approvals to use an integrated solar electric panel roof on the hangar facility.  After more than 7 months of analysis and reports and forms, we have received the approval to have a carbon footprint of zero electrical use from the Florida grid.  And of course, the FAA remains decades behind the technology, with their neanderthal thinking that solar panels are mirrors.  Their shock when the calculations show these solar panels have lower reflectivity than the blades of grass all over the airport or the large seaplane lake at the end of the runway is indicative of the ongoing waste of taxpayer money at the Federal level by bureaucrats that seem to multiply like a spreading virus.  Remember this next time you vote on who to send to Washington please.

Now the next barrier to the progress remains the new airport industrial park access road off Belle Terre, as we remain an isolated site until this is passable.

screen-shot-2015-05-09-at-6-18-45-pm screen-shot-2015-05-09-at-6-18-13-pm

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